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Karen Culcasi, Associate Professor
Department of Geology & Geography
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Karen Culcasi

Stop border ahead on Red Sea

Funded through WVU's Humanities Center, I am pleased to post a set of "fact sheets" on Refugees and US Refugee Laws.
I am happy to share this recent book chapter, co-authored with Christabel Devadoss,  Orientalist-settler colonialism: foundations and practices of post-9/11 white nationalism in the United States in Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State.
Please see my recent review of Stuart Elden's book Shakespearean Territories
I am so pleased to share the Special Issue that Emily Skop and I co-edited on  Bordering Practices, Local Resistance, and the Global Refugee "Crisis"
Read my one-off blog If Donald would meet Fatima. 
And an older blog on an amazing woman I met in the Zaatari refugee camp.

 See my three most recent publications:

Jordanian flag in Amman


My research uses critical and feminist geopolitical frames to examine contested places and   identities. My work focuses on the "Middle East," the Arab world, and Appalachia.
I am currently working on a book, under contract at the University of Chicago, on refugee practices and territorial imaginings in Jordan.

I have recently begun a new funded project on Islamophobia and Muslim's daily lives in West Virginia.

My older work within critical cartography continues to influence my work on spatial imaginings and (counter)representational practices. 

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