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Karen Culcasi, Associate Professor
Department of Geology & Geography
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Karen Culcasi

Stop border ahead on Red Sea

Please see my recent review of Stuart Elden's book Shakespearean Territories
I am so pleased to share the Special Issue that Emily Skop and I co-edited on  Bordering Practices, Local Resistance, and the Global Refugee "Crisis"Articles authored by:  Culcasi, Skop, and Gorman; Gorman; Agnew; Coddington; Koca; Houston; Pascucci; and Skop, Tonyan, and Cassiday. 
Did you know that the  US admitted the lowest number of refugees in 40 years ? And this is during a time when refugee numbers are higher than they have been anytime since we've recorded such numbers!
Read my recent blog If Donald would meet Fatima. 
And an older article on a woman I met in the Zaatari refugee camp

Jordanian flag in Amman


My research uses critical and feminist geopolitical frames to examine contested places and   identities. My work focuses on the "Middle East," the Arab world, and Appalachia.
I am currently working on a book, under contract at the University of Chicago, on refugee practices and imaginings in Jordan. 

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